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    Nada, 14 years old and married

    Nada Turki, 14 years old and her 20-years old husband Mohammad Farou stand in their tent in a refugee camp.

    “You are cute,” he wrote to Nada before their wedding. “You too,” she impulsively wrote back even though she knew, it was on the edge of what a girl like her is supposed to do. A couple of months after these messages Nada and Mohammad got married. But at the wedding day Nada had changed her mind. She didn’t want to get married to him, because he had changed during those months. He had ignored her and she heard from other people that he was not a good man. There was nothing to do. They now live in a small tent in a refugee camp where her family lives. Nada is not allowed to go out of the tent without her husband’s permission and sometimes he gets so frustrated about their situation as refugees that she has to seek protection in a small side kitchen of their tent. He then takes a walk and she can come out from her hiding place. She has taught herself this since the first time he hit her. Just a few weeks after their wedding day.