Mathias Løvgreen

How To Boil A Frog - Exhibition

When man feels joy, falls in love, gets excited or angry, the body temperature rises. Expressions such as “I’m boiling with anger,” or “a heated debate” do not come out of nowhere, because if man feels threatened, or gets into a debate, the body reacts by activating the muscles, and pumping blood faster around the veins. The contemporary Western world is going through an ideological change. Normally the eye cannot see this change, but through thermographic photography the rise of human tension is visible.

If you have a pot of boiling water,

and put a frog in it, the frog will jump out.

Instead, do this:

Place a pot of temperate water in front of you.

Put a frog in the water.

Slowly heat the water.

The frog will not feel the rising of the temperature,

and will stay in the pot.

The water will reach its boiling point.

This is how to boil a frog.

Exhibition as part of Fabulous Failures in The Hague, Netherlands 2017 curated by Erik Kessels.


2019 // Riga Photo Month // Latvia

2019 // Head On Photo Festival // Australia

2018 // Solar Foto Festival // Brazil

2017 // Fabulous Failures // Netherlands

Exhibition as part of Riga Photo Month, 2019

Published in the future science magazine Scenario