Mathias Løvgreen

KOMA RETREAT’s exhibition space is a box formed from butcher curtains, on which Løvgreen’s video installations, displaying traditional Chinese motifs in a hyper-digitalised light, are projected. You can move freely in and out of the butcher curtains and when standing inside, you are surrounded by the digital video installation. In their collaboration, both artists attach great importance to the interplay between video art and dance. KOMA RETREAT has different formats. It has been exhibited previously at Photo Biennial Beijing and presented as a performance in Copenhagen. In this version, at designated times, you can experience a number of performances, where ballet dancers from the Royal Danish Ballet move in and out of the box. The dancers become living screens on which the video installations are projected, providing a bodily investigation of the exhibition’s digital themes.

KOMA RETREAT is a sensuous, visual exhibition that draws the spectator up close to the digitalisation of our identity. Løvgreen and Kloborg take the spectator on a bodily journey, that through these immersive, interdisciplinary practices draws the transformation from physical reality to digital existence.


2019 // Copenhagen Photo Festival // Denmark // Solo exhibition

2018 // Culture Night Copenhagen // Denmark // Performance

2018 // The Third Photo Biennale Beijing // China // Group exhibition